SDSU SAGE Program Partnership

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The Sage Project is an annual partnership between San Diego State University (SDSU) and a local government in the San Diego region. For the 2016-2017 school year, The City of Lemon Grove was selected as the Sage Program Partner. Click here to view the July 19, 2016 staff report approving participation in the Sage Project. Click here to view the corresponding PowerPoint Presentation.  

The Sage Project connects SDSU students and faculty with high-priority, high-need community projects to generate interest and fresh ideas that create momentum. During the Lemon Grove and Sage Partnership, 19 SDSU faculty members, 31 classes from across 12 disciplines have invested nearly 40,000 hours of effort into creating innovative solutions and ideas specifically for Lemon Grove. Sage_Infographic_LG

The City of Lemon Grove selected seven key projects to work on during their Sage Project partnership. All projects and their findings (pending availability of final reports) are listed below.  

1. Image development including gateway improvements and wayfinding signage

2. Infrastructure Maintenance Methodology and Gap Analysis

3. Parks and Recreation Program Analysis

a. Urban Agriculture (part of Parks and Rec)

4. Public Art Project: Art Walls

5. Homeless Outreach / Resources

6. Tactical Urbanism and Placemaking

7. Climate Action Plan

View the Final Reports: 

- Geography 484: Alternate Modes of Transportation in the City of Lemon Grove

- Geography 572: Lemon Grove Downtown Village Specific Plan 

- Finance 437: Lemon Grove Redevelopment Ideas 

- Art 545: Lemon Grove Signage and Art 

- Civil Engineering 495: Proposed Lester Avenue Parking Structure Analysis

In the Spotlight: 

The City of Lemon Grove was recognized in the news several times throughout the course of the Sage Program Partnership. View articles below: 

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Lemon Grove may be first in US to use UN toolkit for climate plan 

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